13 December 2008

It's late, people;
At least on my clock. of the many i 'go' by.
Accurately, it is 0225 central standard time (local).
The time my blogpost enumerates is GMT (Hey, I'm a pilot, not to mention IRISH-- the latter being primarily 'why' I chose to make my post times show +6hrs from 'local'.)

Anyone else confused yet?!?
Oh, I'm the ONLY one, sure... :)

Just finished e-mailing my mom, and went on a tangent in the latter part of that writ which i thought would suffice for any lack of creativity due to said yawn factor here.

Sub for the MacMeister's standard faire though it may be, there is a lot of relevancy none the... ah hell; YOU judge:

"Trouble is, it takes TIME to do all that reading and responding crap, don't it?!? 's why i only (so far ) consistently comment on two blogs (three counting skip's;) though i admit to being on the prowl for a few more!!!

I really really enjoy blogging and having a couple of folk from various parts of the world to banter with day-to-day. [All of ] you really MUST read the Busty St. Clair Rulz 4eva post. Would that I could write like that; in fact I 'copy' much of her format--- only b/c it seems to so poignantly 'say' not necessarily WHAT but HOW I'd like to say stuff...

Well, i should sign off for now.

And if [ANY ONE] chooses to read my stuff: cool. I try to account for "alternative" views.( E.G. I try not to be 'too' offensive, whilst keeping artistic license free). Yet i opine that there is always the option to 'log' off (sub any word u care for 'log') :0 and hit the 'close' button if u don't like the commentary.

Something in the amendments to the [American] Constitution, I recall... Freedom of press means I am free to print ANYthing i so choose, while anyone can read--- OR NOT--- to their heart's content. Best bumper sticker i've seen that sums [the amendments] up is :


Hard to fathom for a lot of right-wing folk; they erringly assume our country's founders were christ-e-uns.

AU CONTRAIRE... Research history, my kindred folk. The majority of them were CREATIONISTS.

YOU look up the difference; I already have. "


Not sure how mom will ingest all this, folk, save that she's MOM and will (probably! :D ) continue to at least nurture, if not fathom...

Regardless, fun to write about none the less.

TRUTH always is...

Love ya. And DO love IT!

More soon--



Ash said...

I think you should post your views. You can be respectful of others, and others should be respectful of how you feel. Try not to let being nice stifle your self-expression.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hey Ash!
thanks for the 'visit'!
Right you are, my friend; i don't remember who it was that said it-- i think it was one of those founding fathers-- but he stated (i'm paraphrasing)'i may not agree with what you say, but i will defend to the death your right to say it'
pretty much sums it up:)

thanks again for coming by.

Noki said...

Weren't they Deists? Which, of course, falls under "Creationist", as does "Christian", but Deist and Christian are definitely two different animals.