26 December 2008



Saw a comment on a blog yesterday: "Wish I could..."
WHY CAN'T YOU? What/Who is holding you back?

"I believe in the Nameless God who is Time-Space-Matter: And in myself...as an actual organic part of the One Great Nameless God."
---from John Hargrave's Young Wrinkle, quoted in Ronald Hutton's Triumph Of The Moon

"Although there appear[s] to be two of us, one from above and one from below,there is in reality only one glimmering stream of Light... there is no duality, no separation except in thought. The magnificent ray of God I Am [Becoming] has varying rates of vibration, and the personality that is listening to me now is simply the lower pulsation.
... I am the Law and the Course of the unseen and seen. The divine consciousness I Am, your spiritual consciousness, is the Law and the Cause of all manifestation... the Law and Cause of Wisdom, Love and Life... of health and wholeness. I am the law and cause of supply in all its manifest effects including food, clothing, home, money and transportation. Nothing good,or true, or beautiful exists in the unseen or seen worlds that does not have its origins... in consciousness.
---from The Angels Within Us by John Randolph Price

"Magical techniques... are 'not important in themselves, but are ways of focusing the mind on what is to be accomplished'; they provide a deep connection to the unconscious which enables [us] to transform [our]selves and the world around [us]".
--Vivianne Crowley, quoted in Ronald Hutton's Triumph...

I love thinking, folks. Hey, any of you ever heard that quip "be careful what you ask for..."?
Try 'asking' with will; with true desire, intent and need.

And be careful out there... ;P

What others think is not important, or even relevant, people, unless their percussion section is pounding out a rhythm similar to one You dance to.


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