22 December 2008

Analyze THIS

'Bout to head out to work again-- gonna pick up every hour i can, because every one currently proffered to the MACHINA gets me one closer to never needing to do so again; each minute buys another pound of beans, or can of spam, or new packet of seeds.

Did some math last nite; figured that one hour of labor makes the land payment for that day. GOOD motivation to help me through the sh!+tiest of hours.

But didn't come here to pessimise today.Been playing a new variation of my profile game-- going to YOUR blogs and clicking on all those YOU follow.


Yall are some interesting characters, and follow some, too.

How interesting? Find out for YOURSELF. (If you tag no other link, folks, tag this one.)

Kicks and grins, folks. Gotta have a few of 'em in this crazy life & world.

Edible chocolate anus, anyone?!?

Enjoy, fellow travelers-- i gotta go earn a can o' fish... :]


Just traipsed in from work. it's 0226 hrs. (i know my 'post' time shows 0601 hrs; that's G.M.T. ; i habitat in C.S.T. time is relative, as a greater man than i hath proven.) changed the game back to tagging other sites of shared interests from my profile, this time choosing "living aboard". got me thinking...

two of my life's living option dreams: 1) a chunk of land for hermitage and a big garden; 2) a 31'-35' live-aboard sailboat.

this coming freya's day (friday, to you trivia-challenged minds :) i will make my first payment on some acreage, moving inexorably towards dream#1.

but when TSHTF (borrowing the anacronym, Strider...) a nice boat would be practical as well.

both options have inherent advantages and dis-ads:
1)a) on a boat, no garden b) on land, no mobility
2)a) pirates (yes, they exist in the modern world, folk, and will likely exacerbate post-apocalypse) b) might could out-sail 'em, but land-locked??? hunker down...

guess i could go on, but have stimulated your grey matter enough to take it's own comparative journey. point is... well, i s'ppose either would work. depends a lot on individual bent. 80% of the world covered in water; a lot of space... but i'll still be mailing that check come friday.

Unless someone's willing to owner-finance a Hans Christian or catamaran to a chap in the greater h-town area?!?

if so, hit me :D i'll just haul my travel trailer to the Hermit's desert, and keep the the for'ard v-berth open should he need the option. (no funny ideas, folk; he's fambly...) couldn't hurt to have both possibilities open, n'est-ce pas!

keep an open mind, folks. we're all gonna needs be creative in the coming Storm.

more soon



HermitJim said...

Sounds like a plan to me, nephew...glad to see your plans have options. That's going to be important, I'm thinking!

Good post!

the dafthermits (Mel n andy and wee clan) said...


thanks for popping by the wee blackbus

happy xmas from the highland hermit

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

hey hermit-- thanks for the visit! funny thing about these dreams/plans/call-it-what.. is that i'd want to do 'em even if i didn't see an impending need; best of all worlds!

hi again, Andy&mel lowe ...thanks for the visit! trust i'll be back for many a 'ride' on that blackbus
Yuletide greetings from points west and south

the dafthermits (Mel n andy and wee clan) said...

look forward to that catch you later


aye i believe we all have it in us to be free and to be able to take control of our own lifes

Noki said...

I've been on a boat... US Navy style... It was alright. But I have to have trees. Land would be my firstest choice (between the two you mentioned), but if I had to do something to survive, I guess I could see hopping on a boat and making my way Out There. What I would hate the most would be leaving behind those I love.


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hey Ashley!

so mad... just went to your site, and noticed that my comment never made it.
Seems a theme for that nite.

Ah well...Yew's likely got a 'friend' anyhow...