12 December 2008

Turning Things On . . .

Or Off...

"Hurry! You're gonna make me pee!"
I glance askance.
Pause, hollow-eyed, as the psyche tries to make some sense of what certainly can't be.

"I said I need my food; you're about to make me pee!"
Jaw agape; head now frozen in a straight-on stare.
I'm sure I misheard. At the very least, I'm not quite sure how...

A klaxon sounds.

"See! I'm beeping!"

Illumination of the proverbial lightbulb. "OOHHHH!!! Now I heard you right!" Laughter from a nearby manager.
"Been a long time since I made a girl beep; I'm not sure where we go from here." I can't resist the quip as I give the server her order and she shimmies off to wherever it is servers go to banish the intolerable beeping.

Maybe the ladies' room???


Beautiful (very near) full moon out tonight. Weren't for the chill I'd be drawing my circle and raising energy outside. Fairly solid visualization skills, though. And after being what amounted to homeless last moon the warmth is one more reason for homage...


Involved in some seasonal (for me Yule; others call it christ-mass) decorating today with grandma, fondly known since the beginning to us grandkids as Nanny. My task involved not so much placing decora about, but replacing batteries in all the noise-making... er, caroling, devices. One such animal was a cute hillbilly-dressed, slack-jawed singin' teddy bear.

Very disturbing.

Oh, not so much the voice, or even his overalls; those're darn near cute.

Bothersome was the fact that that one has to unzip his britches and cram three 2a eveready bunny cylinders in Teddy's tushie to power him(?).
And to turn him on.
Or off.

'Cause that's where the toggle is, y'see.

You folks, uh, enjoy. Time for me to slip into the arms of Morpheus, praying all the way past the alpha-state that no nightmares come.

Of ANY of this.

Good night. Sweet dreams. Love ya. See ya in the morning.



HermitJim said...

I'm sure the singing teddy bear appreciated you're turning him on...he probably hasn't been turned on since last Christmas!

Come to think of it...oh, never mind!!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Poor bear; and to think, even after all that time, it still took batteries to accomplish the task...

Thanks for the visit this morn, Hermit!