23 December 2008

one if buy land...

dreamin'. dreamin'.. dreami....

maybe should just quit lookin' @ sailboat rags:/

battery in the buick has crossed over. piranha's don't kill you like sharks; it's the collective of many a wound to which you eventually succumb.

on the up side, been researching the upcoming land purchase for the portion of the day i've been back screenfront (had to share computer time earlier. remember Peanuts-- Linus whilst the blanket was being washed?) that, and looking @ sailing rags... :o

made the decision to go w/ the land purchase first. be nice to find a live-aboard whilst still racing rats in h-town, even if only to rent & glean some small beta on the procedures & lifestyle, but chances are slim in the very near future. mayhap that 2nd job post-nuevo ano will provide the needed ducats... but i digress. one of those days.

land first (land ho!! ok ok). just know it's the right first choice for me. the catamaran will come if meant-- in plenty o' time for me to enjoy it whilst still "young" (a relative term if ever there were :).

also counting stores (ie my food/ equip stockpile). not a daunting task, as i had two 'extra' minutes and still have all 10 fingers... but helps to be plying the mind with future needs.

so, cold, dreary, yet semi-productive day.

i've had worse ;)

more soon folks



Jamie said...

Hello, Cygnus! Pleased to make your virtual acquaintance. Looks like it will be interesting to watch as you pursue your dreams of land and sea. I'll be following along. Congrats on starting the land process ~ J

HermitJim said...

Hey Cygnus...looks like we are on the way to semi-independence just in time.
I agree...land first, then the boat! Prett visible on the water, but the woods re good for lying low and keeping a low profile.

Of course, going to the desert I think I can stay pretty much invisible as well.

Keep dreaming the good dream, nephew!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hi Jamie! The pleasure is all mine.
I really am 'torn' between the dreams, but figure if i start with the land, i'll be able to grow plenty of food to stock for those bluewater passages! I see you're still getting lotsa snow there in the Pacific N.W. Lots of de-icing !
best of luck; i'll be pulling for shorter work and longer water-time for you

Hey Hermit! I agree; whether desert or forest, (or a deserted isle!) the key is a degree of solitude. Keep leading, uncle-- i ain't far behind!

Thanks for the visit, folks!