16 December 2008


I had a very quick exchange with a co-worker tonight. Boiled down to this:

[her] "Rabbits?"
[me] "Lot of meat. A rabbit hutch, a bee box, a garden, a fishing pole... If I had a piece of land, wouldn't be much more I'd need."
[her] "It's not so simple anymore."
[me] "It could be..."

And it COULD, folks.

I'll share a secret with ya: for twelve years of my life I was subjected to minimalistic living.
I was allowed 1 -1/2 cubic foot-space of "extraneous" supplies.

People, build yourself a 1.5 ft^2 box, and see how much of your household decora-- EVERYTHING , from pictures, to newspapers, to schoolbooks, to "snacks" [E.G a bag of fritos and some coffee]-- fits therein.
That's it.You can have no more.

Oh-- clothes, a fan (no a.c.), all your cookery-- this, too is included in the measure.


Look around your house, folk. I understand there is a LOT of memorabelia-- I won't even attempt to categorize something so personal.

But come a TRUE emergency, what would you sincerely NEED???

Remember the 3:
2) shelter
3) clothing

THINK about this for a minute, my friends; what are your TRUE NEEDS?

Could they not be so much simpler than we 'think' ?

My co-worker was sporting a $400.00 purse.
Nice, but... a plastic H.E.Butts bag would hold more.

She also had (misplaced-- hence spurring on the conversation) a $200.00 cell phone.

My cell costs about $20.00. Seems to rcv calls better than her lost one :O .

Life CAN be so much simpler,people.

What are you gonna do when necessity deems you forego; when Mother Nature-- or nuclear winter, or governmental abyss [remember the fall of Rome, democracia?] leaves you in a state of what amounts to Anarchy?


Raise some rabbits. Fish. Grow some veggies (provided the land allows..).

Quite simply, my people-- I WILL SURVIVE.

Hope you do too...

I'll need someone to befriend :) :) :)

More Soon.


HermitJim said...

Good post...and so true. But then you know how I feel about this sort of thing. Guess maybe we should build our own commune and start getting ready...

Funny how many people would probably show up after the work is done, huh?

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

no doubt! Piers Anthony has some really good 'post-capitalist' (for loath to call 'em doomsday scenarios), one in which for entry into the community one must have a skill to contribute.
How many would be able to show up?!!
Thanks for the visit.


Anonymous said...

Saw your comment on my blog. I am not sure what inspired the drawings. I don't remember anything from that class. =) I have a thing for pirates --even have a tattoo of one. So when I saw that clip art I knew I had to have it. I'm a scorpio with a ruling planet (or dwarf planet) of Pluto. Sad that they did away with my planet. Love your blog. Will definitely post more comments. take care. =)

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hi there Goth Girl!

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my song! I look forward to 'seeing' you here again.
yeah, i don't get astronomers; I understand the confusion (love astronomy & stargazing) but
just leave well enough alone!
Not the way of "science", i s'ppose...

More soon

Ash said...

I would hate to live like that, but I would never buy a $400 purse and my phone was $50 with service plan. :/

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hi Ash ;)
Yeah, living forcibly under another's (what would we label it-- Marxist? dunno; never read the theory... Communist? and what was to share?!) repessive thumb would be (was) no picnic... it boiled down to not so much living as 'existing'.
I can't reccomend it... so keep your rights (the one about freedom of speech especially [quick test; which# was it???]) intact.
Else I do fear...

Thanks for the visit, lady.