24 December 2008


A Lesson In (Un)Preparedness Hits Home
"come and listen to a story 'bout a man named jim..."

Informed yall yesterday that my buic's batt'ry went awry. Or in layman's terms, straight to hell. dead. kaput. vamanos. sayonara. au revoir. all acquaintance should be forgot...

It's not that I forgot, per se, but that I blamed yesterday's 'cold' versus today's "not so"... and trusted it to the heavens when it cranked up cette jour. To the following end:

It even gave me early warning-- stalling on it's 'initial' crank. But off i went, heedless, to Wally-World.

And for a $6 shopping spree, spent several hours--- and an additional ninety bucks (the green paper variety, not the male deer persuasion)---in said parking lot.


Plain and simple, people, if I had prepared for the "crisis" [bullshit! ; see it coming, y'cant label it so], my Uncle and I could have escaped much less unscathed, if not so much in dollar$and sense, than minimally time-wise. (Seems a famous quip is relevant here but I prefer not to share it with you folks...) !!![Time IS Money]!!

A lot of Irony I could draw (write?) into this post:
  • I lay awake for a while last nite, mentally compiling a TOOLS list for the eventual(ity, of ANY crisis, but really 'ONLY' for the) move to the Boonies.
  • Anticipated the week's end, whence money gleaned from christ-mess would alot one or two of #1's 'Most Needed'
  • Loaded up in a previously noted unreliable modus transportii, and proceeded to consumer Hell in said...
My mental list of/from last nite included everything I would have needed to save a bit of mechanical frustration and a bit of dough ( in this case, it IS the green frogskin variety, not the yeast-risen, of which we palaver...).

Had I been prepared enough to garner these items moons ago...

POINT IS, I was-- and did-- not.

The last minute is NOT the time to 'prepare'. I'm pretty sure the definition means calling to play more advanced foresight.

Thank the powers that be that Cygnus' "Dance on the Cusp " was just that.
Monetarily, I had family backup--- else I'd STILL be in Walton's Driveway.
And BARELY had the tools... OK, had to borrow mas Silver for said, too. (Those in my possession were inadequate.)

No time to waste.

It hit home today. I know this, and yet another great quote comes to mind:

"Knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing at all"

What are YOU gonna do? At least if I'd have had to car-camp @ Wally-World's Cement Forest, id've had grub for the Journey... [See menana's post...]

I know what I Will do come payday [besides reimburse my Uncle ;D] :


(insofar as) Tools...
They are how & why we evolved from the other primates, PEOPLE.

Good lesson learned. It's already 'too late', but keep on keepin' on. Look, I survived the day.



HermitJim said...

As the old saying goes, "All we can do is keep on keeping on!"

Have a good one!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

yessir; suppose when all else fails we've got the feet :)

Thanks for comin'by!