11 December 2008


In Houston,Texas!


Now those of you whom reside in more northern climes can guffaw to your heart's content. I would, too, had I this White Beauty (eye of the beholder, je comprends) to deal with on an annual basis. However, here in the Deep South we might see this phenomena twice per decade, IF we're lucky (again a relative term). And the last time it snowed like this, I was unable to open the door and freely walk out into the night to experience it.

Tonight I 'discovered' it when waltzing to my beloved vehicle to chat w/me mum during break@/from work. Lowen B. Hauld [my optometrist;)], SNOW!!! I rush back inside to inform otherwise clueless co-workers. We take turns-- or join en masse-- heading out the door to view, experience, and otherwise frolick about in the wonder; some even venture home during their allotted time to participate in snowball fights.

When my shift ends, I take an extra bit of time heading back to the abode, enjoying the visual delight of Yule Season lights decorating the neighborhood yards and houses blanketed by the delicate, individually-unique frozen-water droplets. My first "free" December in the last 13; brings tears to this goober's eyes...

One of the two of my lifelong dreams is to 'own' my piece of the American pie: a tract of land. Mine is far out in the country-- as befits a misanthrope-- and unlike the clime of my upbringing (primarily central/S.E. Tx. my entire life), that land offers a true glimpse of Mother Earth's four Seasons. Upon this land I have my vast garden from whence I provide the majority of my eats; I raise rabbits and mayhap a goat or two towards the same end; an apiary provides not only Mead-materials but aides synergistically to overall fruition...

Alas, I digress, save for the experiencing of four seasons.

Thanks be to the gods that today/ tonight I was offered said opportunity.

It really IS beautiful, folks.

More Soon.



HermitJim said...

Nice last night, but nearly all gone this morning...sort of like the beauty of my last date's face.

Just kidding on that last part! Keep up the good work...

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

hey Hermit! thanks for the visit!

Yeah, I hear ya. Kinda disappointed to see it all melting away. The snow,too, of course...


Lazy Housewife said...

I never fail to see the beauty in snow and we get it fairly often here in Southwest Virginia. I've loved it since I was a girl though, somehow, it seemed more beautiful when I was surrounded by the mountains where I grew up in WV. Not to say that it's not lovely here; it is - but there's a difference between seeing fields covered in snow with cows trotting across it (cute) and seeing the mountain tops behind my dad's place covered in snow (majestic). Autumn is my favorite here in four seasons country - but winter is a very close second.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hi there housewife [ may i call you housewife?]
Thanks for 'listening' to MY SONG.
We in the deep south don't get enough snow... as stated that mey be the opinion of one who does not have to deal with said on a regular basis... but i really would like more seasonal variety.
and will have it someday;
Thanks for visiting this site, dear lady.


Noki said...

I got some nice(ish) pictures of the snow, if you wanna check them out. Slow-shutter, no flash, it's almost creepy since I recognize the places as being Where No Snow Falls.