02 December 2008

Too Much Input...

Look here people...
Its not that I'm short of ideas for tonight's post; quite the contrary-- I have SO MANY that way too much research needs be done B4 I can produce anything linking my thought pattern to some similance of coherency (is that a word?... as a writer, if I type it, it IS.)

I have a lot of Irish Genealogical digging to do, but good to know I am at least a bit ahead o' the "game" (dontcha hate that term?....... I do).
Anyhow, I'm suffering from a bit of info overload, and need to cull. And you know what Cygnus does in those sit-e-ations?!?

That's right--- INSERTS A POEM!!!!

Now hang on, folk-- especially you of a sea bent, you salty dawg, you...
Not more o' that sappy sh*t you might usually find here. Until I can sort out the whole Carlisle-McLaury rigamarole [I swear, some days I don't know whether to buy myself a beer or beat myself up] -- or at least 'till the morrow, whichever comes first ( and my euros are on the morrow, my friends...)-- I leave you with this.
Love ya. Hope you enjoy:)

LEAGUES APART (by James McLaury)

"Land ho! Off the starb'ard bow!"
from the watchman comes the shout.
Hands drunk and sober come about;
hands cracked and calloused shade their brow

and spot to leeward, starb'ard, out
across the diamond-sparkled sea
just inside a league and three
an island rise-- majestic; stout.

"Reef main and jib, and come to port
three clicks! weigh anchor 'round the back!
Afore night falls and tide goes slack
we'll dance reels 'round a fire ashore!"

Hands move for'ard, others aft;
hands--elsewhere uncoordinated
here confident-- negotiated
reef half a fathom 'neath her draft.

So long before the stars come out
and crown both isle and tropic sea
the crew, bayed safely in the lee,
reel 'round bonfire, and drink, and shout.

Thanks for all your support, folks (do I sound like Bartyles and Me here,People?:) :)
More Soon

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HermitJim said...

Very nice mental imagery left by our post. Thanks for sharing, nephew!

Have a really good day!