28 April 2009

WARNING!!! Waxing: Religio-Philosophic Rant

"Reason should be destroyed in all Christians" -- Martin Luther

"Question with boldness even the existence of God; because if there be one, He must approve of the homage of Reason rather than that of blindfold fear." -- Thomas Jefferson

[this post is pretty much aimed at one particular person, who will likely never read it. So why bother? Just needs vent... Sorry if the shoe size matches your'n, too.]

Got a little asschap yesterday from watching the reaction of a person who found out I see things a bit differently than they do.
What a pitiful sight, to see an otherwise (nearly) rational human being stand there, mind closed, shaking their head and smiling condescendingly, as if only they have the answers, as if only their way is right.

My beliefs have root in months' worth of cumulative hours of contemplation, meditation, and examination, concentrating on comparative aspects both general and specific.
Yours? Someone Said. Pre-packaged and forcibly spoon-fed to you since infancy, not only was your "belief " programmed in, but you were also brainwashed to shut out even the POSSIBILITY of entertaining another thought-line.

Mine are backed by more science, philosophy, and intelligentsia than yours ever had or have hope of attracting.

Mine may be wholly metaphysical. Yours are totally irrational, shallow and downright nonsensical when taken literally. (Were it taught symbolically, mystically, or qaballistically I might be one of its most ardent students.)

Yet you stand there shaking your head, saddened that--what? That you don't think for me? That I don't see only what you would have me? That I broke mold and set forth on tangential thoughts of my own?
You've never even come CLOSE to allowing yourself a glimpse of an idea that might deepen, broaden, and solidify your own faith, let alone an ulter one.

I imagine you walked away shaking that dormant grey matter inside it's arid casing bobbing above your shoulders. I'd already turned my head away-- so see, I AM like you, because NOW I'LL NEVER KNOW!!!

Sorry, but if you've never given credence to questioning your dogma-- no matter what it is (Kraft is better than Hellman's; God has a penis; orange juice is panacea)-- then I hold no regard for your stance. That doesn't necessarily mean for the belief in and of itself, just for your blind, unquestioning, maniacal adherence to it.

Well, I feel better now, folks!




HermitJim said...

Religion and politics are two arguements you never win, regardless who the other party is

Sort of like the "chicke or egg first" discussion.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, good rant! Plus I learned a new word: "asschap." Hee hee!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Yessir, Uncle Hermit; 's why I usually avoid. This time someone brought to my face talk behind my back. I don't flaunt my beliefs, particularly on the sheeple-minded, but damned if I'll hide them, either!
Thanks for the visit!

Hiya Debra! Well, glad to be such a fine eddicational sores.. um, source, ol' Cyggie is...
Smiles, Lady, and thanks for the words!

Unknown said...

Well someone sure the hell pissed you off huh?

Cygnus MacLlyr said...


My most favorite Misadventurous Mommy!!! Girl, you must have felt the thoughtwaves pounding your door all day-- I seriously had you in mind an inordinate (even for me!) amount today! I secretly...

ahem. Well, it do read a bit mad, don't it! Ah well; thanks the catharsis of writing, it's better now.
And thanks to your pretty face reappearing on My Song, so am i...:D

Thanks for stopping by, Lady A. Seriously.

Stephanie in AR said...

ah, spent some time banging your head at the park to no avail? well...another writer I read calls those types christshuns because they spend the majority of their time looking for ways to shun anyone who isn't exactly like them (because they are so superior & all).

Anyone who has any beliefs at all should still spend time reading other thoughts & studying to make sure that belief is truly theirs & not just a habit done because that's the way its always been done.

(( )) we may not share the exact same beliefs but it is a shame that someone had to be such a butt. Consider it fertilizer for your inner garden.

Hermit, I kinda like how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

Or how many typos will I see after pushing enter?

Bullseye said...

I seem to question EVERYTHING I believe, always have. I'm not sure I'm any wiser from it, just even more confussed. But I have found that by asking good questions of oneself you can usually find good answers too. Glad you got that one off your chest man. Take care my brother. Much love to you always.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hiya Steph! Well, I didn't see any typos!he! Hpoe the digit is doing as well as can be expected-- or better!

It didn't really bother me all as much as the post let on, but it was pretty fun to write:D

I thought of you as I was brainstorming on this one-- definitely not the target audience, you! Just never pictured you as one to blindly adhere to anything, Lady. As much as it rankles time to time, I follow your advice about reading differing/ opposing views. Not only can (and occasionally do! HA!)I learn something,but those definitely help the constant examination of my "beliefs"-- which in turn usually serves to strenghten it.

Wow! a second post LOL!!!

Thanks Stephanie! You take care!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Bullseye my man, Thanks! I find questioning myself like that helps solidify my stance, usually. Constant debate with the self lends confidence when it's time for said with others-- because no one is harder on us than us, normally.

All that love back at ya, Brother...

Jess (Ozark Momma) said...

Ah Cyg...my man...that's just one I let go. Have ever since the mother-in-law frantically asked the spousal unit if I was going to raise our future children in a 'God fearing' house.

I smiled and said "No, the only thing my children will fear is stupidity and the fact that the dumbest people often end up in charge." Still have lively religious debates with the father-in-law on occasion that send her scuttling to another room.

Oh HJ...I put that question to the 3 yr old the other day and he answered with absolute certainty "the egg"...the saying 'out of the mouths of babes' comes to mind, lol.

Livia Indica said...

Oh very well said Cygnus! And I hope you feel better for it. I like the word asschap too!

Stephanie: "Consider it fertilizer for your inner garden."

That is awesome!!!!

Stephanie in AR said...

Well I'm usually the one people with a rant about religion do thnk about because I'm safe. According to my definition I'm pretty conservative but no bynot the over paid/over hyped natioanlly know preachers. But I ahve a background most do not. My grandmother was prolly a mix of either Pagan or Wiccan & Christian. She believed that God gave gifts & certain abilities were just gifts. It is an unusual blend but it also is an examining one. After some bad doings Mother began to read & study for herself & passed that on.

Of course you can understand where the big differences are but who is to say that God didn't design a path for a person? Some of Mother's strongest understandings of why the Bible says do-not-do-this came from the bad happenings. For example most Christians do not understand the true power of a curse & why there are stern warnings against such. Now a good/studying Pagan or Wiccan most surely does.

Let's not even get into fate or pre-destination. It all boils down to respect. If I want others to respect my right to believe & practice then I must respect their right to do the same. Not always easy but the right thing to do. Then the worthwhile things in life are never easy.

Glad you feel better. I had a similiar rant about medical/food issues & sometimes a good rant feels great, frees the mind & lets you get back to the business of living.
(I've blogged here haven't I?)

Felinae said...

"A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows the public opinion."
Chinese Proverb

Hiya Cygnus,

I'm sorry some ignorant person got your tailfeathers in a ruffle yesterday. I hope today was a better day for you. :)


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Ozark, I hear you. Really, I wasn't so upset as I made myself sound, but it sure did make for fun writing!
i love your answer to the M.I.L.!! Plenty o' snappy retort i commandeer in my own mind's debates; live, I ain't so able to recall!lol! Thanks for the words!

Thanks, Livia! I do feel better. And Steph is good like that... too bad the body can't be fert...{ ah, don't go there, C...}
Thanks Livia! It WAS fun to write!!!

Stephanie-- and with NO typos!haha!!!LOL!!! VERY WELL SAID,,Lady. Thank you so much. I'm pretty much in love with grandma now (YOURS, not...!lol!)

Lady Felinae... I alwasy get the smiles from you, but the adage... smooth tail feathers now, purry one!:D!!THANKS!

Thanks, all for the comments and for poking over to hear my diatribe...