26 April 2009

Three Quickies...

Hey--What? She Asked For It!!

I know, I know! I usually do this stuff elsewhere. But what can I say-- I'm a sucker for pretty women...

Who to lie beside me in the middle of the night
Who to wake beside me in the early morning light
Who to whisper softly 'you shall never be alone'
Who to turn this arid, broken heart into a home

The Last Love Song [Inspired by Calvert's The Lady With The Rooks in Yeats' A Poet To His Beloved]

Treelimb extended like an arm
and on it sat a little bird
He chittered not to give alarm
nor even so much to be heard

Than as he did for sake of love
in sweet song pleading for his mate
sweet desperation plead her come
before twilight imposed its fate

A Love Of Roses

Pick the Rose delicately;
draw it slowly to your senses.
Close your eyes and seek its inner beauty.
Inhale its aphrodisiac scent--
That like no other, which
shall drag you deep into it's irresistible world.

Your touch closes instinctively
in hopes of never letting go---
and, forgetting, discovers thorns...

jMc aka Cygnus

On a much more serious note, one of my bloggerbuddies has an extremely well-cited and downright SCARY post you folks needs read-- especially those of you with school-age children in California, Texas.. anywhere, really. Thanks, Catman!

And thanks, folks, for investing a moment of your time here!




Catman said...

Thanks for the linkage, Cygnus!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Sorry if it seems buried in the post!
I think it'll reach the target audience anyhow. Thank YOU for the info!!