11 April 2009

Cygnus Simmers...

On The Fringes Of Writer Obscuria
(aka "The Blogosphere")

Bet It's hard to tell by recent word count here that my writing over the last week or three has increased literally twenty-five fold.

I've not been cheating you.
But I'm destined to write.

Yes, I write here, but that's akin to a journal-- you know, the "log"book part of 'web-log'. Everyone does that, else they can't exist. I couldn't, so... (In addition,I have started another blog. It's public, but very much set up to discuss modern Pagan issues... Find it if that might interest you.)

No, I mean WRITE.

I've never expressed this before, but a large reason for me wanting to get out of the herd and out to the "pasture" is to gain the time to sincerely put forth the effort, unencumbered. Six to eight months. Max. With discipline.
Oughta do 'er.

I mention all that here because of late I have been fortunate to be allotted yet an additional Muse. An extraordinary amount of materials has used my pen-equipped hand to manifest itself in writ.

Now, I LOVE language-- the snippy retorts that come in half-jest and full earnest from friends, real or imagined, in spirited conversation. Thousands of them daily surface the river of my mind. Some meander slowly along the bank in want of a glancing-over. Others slow for a quick gab.

Still others are netted from the bank, whatever their original meandering-near cause. And the boldest abreast the bank of their own accord, grunion coming to forseed the future.

My lack of knack has always been tying enough of them succinctly together to make good poem or story. So I've hovered here, on the fringe...

It'll be years at minimum before I am able to do it all. But it's coming.

And thanks to the Fates, and Muses assigned me thereby, the whole thing is now apparent-- the final missing element ( an actual storyline along which to set all my tripe-laden interpretation of the Musical influx ) has made itself plausible...

Am I rambling again? Mayhap. But now you know why the MadSwan behavior of late.
Spring and Muses.

Just hope they ain't Sirens in disguise...




Anonymous said...

Have you tried your hand at "old style" Celtic music? I think you may have a knack for it that lies dormant for the moment.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Ye Old Furt, you a pretty good reader of folks from a distance...

Yessir, country acreage doth provide ample practice space for noisy items like bodhrans, spoons, Uillean pipes...

Thanks, Y.O.F. It's there, waiting...