16 April 2009

No Prep Talk From Me Of Late... BUT!!!

Not An Out-Of-Blog Out-Of-Mind thingie...

I haven't said much the last six or so weeks about my bid to get the hell outa dodge aka houston ...

Remember my planned trip, over the just-passed Spring Equinox, to go experience my land in the Ozarks? And it's cancellation?

I got thwacked with ::does mental math:: TWO THOUSAND FORTY and some change, in MUST-PAY expenses-- above and beyond the day-to-day existence eked out-- since then.

Know what I did?

MET THEM. Head-on. One of the first times in my life I stepped up (outside of a marriage partnership) to do so.

Not only does this feel DAMN good, but... well, I get ahead of myself...

The preparations have continued despite the monetary massacre.
Some were other near-misses; five yes FIVE nails in ONE tire on ol' MollyMaroon's leggins' (for those of you who don't know, Molly is my Buick. Love-hate, like all relationships. Eh?).
Gods smiled, though; the nails were only in the ONE tire-- and that the only one not replaced in the last three months! Now it is, and baby (MollyMaroon) has [all 4] 'new shoes'!

Others were regular day-to-day stuffs: watching for food sales; gearing up (scrimpingly, but none the less...). Researching.

I will say this-- I've learned just how many green-papered Washington's I can put away or invest to getting to my farmland!

And folks...

Hide and watch. I'm on a tear now. A mission. A Quest.


I'm going to Them Thar Hills...

I'm GOING, folks. I don't care if it harelips half of Harris County.

Wanna go?

got BBQ?

AW RIGHT!!! I think I love you! hehe!

:D Seriously, people... Standing by, but not idly.

And thankful I can.

Slainte, Folks!



Stephanie in AR said...


Will Hermit be riding shotgun?

Bullseye said...

I can feel the excitement from my chair bother and I couldn't be more happy for ya. I know you are keeping your eyes on the prize, that's what it takes. Good job and Good luck. Keep us informed.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Steph-- you betcha!

Er, actually, much to my chagrin, he'll likely PRECEDE...

Hey Bullseye! My Brother, man; my Brother...

Bulls, It's just GOTTA be done. and as ever, adversity paves the path...

Thanks, man! Will do. Cygnus... OUT!!

Jess (Ozark Momma) said...

Homemade Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce and a rack of ribs each on standby...awaiting orders Cap'n!

Good to hear that things are progressing quite nicely for ya Cyg...the hills are calling!!

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

Well, yippee-ky-yay! Go get 'em, tiger!

I love your enthusiasm! You totally inspired me to get off my tushy and plan a vacay with the kiddos!

Anonymous said...

WTG Cygnus, you are doing so well! Can't wait to hear of your adventures once there!

Edain said...

I know that feeling of working hard at something (we are doing two big somethings this end) and once those battles are sorted, then the big plan comes out and hold onto your hats folks! ;)

Well done, on getting in there and sorting, it is the best feeling afterwards.

Keep us posted! :)

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Ozark Momma,
You offering me J.D. AND awaiting orders?
Heck with Houston... I'm moving tonight!

Thanks for the support, Lady!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Bee and Rose-- Hi! Everything good with [Your] Precious?
Go a-vacationing, Lady! Boy, I bet if ever one were deserved...
You take care of that duckie, now! Thanks for stopping in today!

Molly [the inspiration behind the Buick's sobriquet, folks!]-- BACK AT YA,WOMAN! We all await the (pictures, descriptions, and adventures from the) Miraculous Molly-fied transformation of the new terra!
Thanks for the kudos, kid!

Lady E! You know, you and this tease/suspense thing are getting... well.. getting to me! I can't hardly wait, girl! YOU GO!
See ya next time!