11 April 2009

Got Time For A Quickie?

Hey, c'mon! It's the weekend, after all!

You ever become so good and flowing with something that it was like second nature to you?

Ever wonder what's so hard about FIRST NATURE to attain?

I do. But then I'm a strange bird. Egg shaken with a bit too much force, I fear...

Anyhow, if anyone has a clue as to what happened to first nature, can ya let me in on it?

Thanks, and Slainte!


1 comment:

Kyddryn said...

First Nature is who you are, easy as breathing, unconscious, YOUR nature. Second Nature is that which is learned, picked up and carried, made your own but not of you by birth.

Anyway, that's how I figure it.

Shade and Sweetwater,
K (the whimsical, just now)