14 January 2010

" Do I Gotta WHUH?!?"

And, you REALLY wanna see it???

"An i.d. ,sir."

"Um, I do [have an ID]..."

Now, admit it. You have to know I was smiling at this point, being all of thirty-something. Okay, forty. Two. [Aw, all right!!! Near forty-three! Damnit, man!!! :D]

"I need to see it, please."

Huh. 'Sir' and 'please'. Not in Kansas anymore... Or, uh, Texas, case being.


And we're ALL smiling more profoundly at this juncture, n'est-ce pas?

Now, I realise one of the extra tip-earning tricks in the wait-person trade is to execute this tactic on those you are more than near certain are legal age, yet vibrant and glowing. But... this were a convenience store. And I am, and look, all of better that twenty-one. So...

Yes, je comprends it is la ley. And should be done regardless. But, when an octo-genarian walkers [Hiya, Kitten!!! :D] in for a tw'ack [twelve-pack for you tea-toalers out there], do we really needs require proof of legality to self-intoxicate?

Yup, we do.


Because!! Because how many times over twenty-five have you been asked, been i.d.'d??

Okay; how many times would you have liked to? How many times have I jokingly asked, at the counter, "How come I never get ID'd any more?" Sure, with a smile on my face, but longingly none the less...

Anyhow, how many of you got a blogpost out of a beer-run c'est soir?

And are smiling, regardless?

Huh huh how many, eh???

Slainte, Folk!



Felinae said...
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Felinae said...

Sorry, I changed my mind and deleted my comment.

Have a good night

Cygnus MacLlyr said...
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Cygnus MacLlyr said...

looks like a trend...

good thing we gots gmail notification. all safe, but no hiding.


Momlady said...

The first time I was asked for ID when I was in my forties (that was quite a while ago)I was somewhat flattered until I was told that everyone, no matter how old they looked, was asked to show ID. Talk about ego deflation! Now? Meh...

Unknown said...

Sir, I cannot believe you didn't take the opportunity when asked if you had ID to respond in the best Texas accent afforded " I.D. bout what?"

Felinae said...

LOL! OMG! Sci, that one made me laugh. I love it. :D

I knew you'd still be able to see my previous comment, even though I deleted it. :) I didn't like the way it read after I posted it so to the trash it went.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

No prob' Lady Felinae. In fact, I ain't yet read it-- just now logging on for the day, haven't been to mail yet, dinna chech last nite...

Thanks for popping in, Lady Fel!

And yes, Sci Fi, that was a good one! And I've not changed my license to Ga.'s yet, so it woulda fit !

Yes'm, momlady, they id's us all. Still kinda novel, to be asked!

Thanks, all, for the commentaty!

Livia Indica said...

Ha! That's good.