24 January 2010

Consider You'sef 'Non-Schooled'...

Look @ the chess board; look @ the beer.

Wholly unintentional, and yet..
Ain't those just pretty melding colors-- all dark and beige and stuffs, the contrasts?!?

I was enamored of the board when we procured it for the Evil Genius' Diem Natum. When, of c'est nacth, it mached the Yeungling, well...

Can ye pronounce "kismet"???

Is one of the toughtest disciplines to accept about, and take away from-- much less exercise during-- the penultimate strategorical game on the face of the planet.

And repetitive play teaches it.

Do the 'school' your spawn be attending do dat? I mean, sans Ritalen?
Folks, beneficial lessons too numerous to mention-- oft explained as a result of, and more oft during-- are gleaned, processed, and passed forth from these "play times"-- and are better (more learningly beneficial) than all the crapoleum I hear/read abouts spewing forth from pubic-- erm, I mean-- well, SHOULD MEAN-- them thar public --institutions.

Patience was the one proffered itse'f c'est nacth [that xlates to 'TONIGHT' for the monolingual of ye there].

This blogpost SUCKS.

I was public-schooled.

Comprends-tu, un peu?

yup; me neether. 'S why I'm totin' in pictures, tryin' to show youse..
And, ain't the colors all j'es PURTY???

Don't do it, folk!! Don't let eddication suprecede Gnosis.




Mayberry said...

I "data dumped" 90% of the crap they shoved down my throat in school. Kept Reading and Auto Tech, ha ha!

Momlady said...

What you are teaching him is a very important part of education which, as you say, without drugs, is not something you often see in children. Good going. (Although you might want to take out the bottle in the picture lest others get the wrong idea.)

Kyddryn said...

That Evil Genius and his beer...I keep telling him it's ROOTbeer he can drink, but does he listen?


He loves the chess games, Sir...and as long as he doesn't realize he's learning math, strategy, patience, forethought, and a wealth of other lessons...he'll keep playing.

I do love watching you play...

Shade and Sweetwater,

Felinae said...

I don't know, I went to public school. I turned out ok.

I did not have the luxury of homeschooling B's, even if I could have, I did not feel that I had the knowledge to do so. I admire those parents that are able to teach their children from home and give them a well rounded, informed education. It is a noteworthy undertaking.

I did however teach B's at home until she started Kindergarten. When she started school, she could read, write, do basic math and put together sentences. She knew her colors, the alphabet and could count to 100. Which according to her teacher was far beyond what her students that attended pre-school could do. (Was I proud of her? you betcha, still am)

She is still currently attending public school she's doing fine. A 4.0 GPA for all grade levels, she's currently a Freshman and in all college prep classes. She knows to ask questions of Cat and I. She questions everything, she also looks stuff up on her own to learn more.

Her patience level is admirable, I mean after all she does have to deal with me and Catman. LOL! j/k Her ability to deal with things that are thrown at her is just fine.

She has never required the use of mood altering drugs and to assume that most kids in the public school system are on some form of methylphenidate treatment is one huge misconception. Sure there are some kids that are on treatment programs, but not all, which is how you made it sound.

Catman educates her at home on different subjects, gardening, weapons, ammunition and the like.

As far as finding her inner peace, she does that through her music. Drums, keyboard, guitar, and her art, she also writes in a journal.

Overall, B's a well adjusted, informed, creative child. She knows she can achieve whatever goal she sets for herself and also knows not to allow anybody to tell her otherwise.

I figure as long as her public education is supplemented by a little home schooling, she will turn our just fine.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Mayb, I hear ya! I paid attention in college, but that was different. Kinda. Some saying along the lines of "high school teaches you what to think; college teaches you how to think." So, I thought. And will keep gardening and someday continue with flight school. If avgas still exists...

momlady-- I just liked the matching colors! lol!

I love playing as well, Lady Kyddryn. And will keep doing so as long as I continue winning!!! HAA!!

Lady Felinae, I agree. I dinna tiun out so wrong either. And my sucky gpa in H.S. was more from boredom and non-application of my abilities than anything else. As proven by a 4.0 gpa.
I'm sure the parenting you and Catnman hath proffered is the prime reason she is, and will continue, doing extremely well.

Thanks, all, for the comments! Always appreciated, folks! Everyone have a great night!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi...i just posted my chess board recently. stop by and have a look when you have time!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Will do, Jazz!!!

I really appreciate the visit--and comment-- and most certainly the new follow!

Slainte, buddy!