21 January 2010

An Evening At A Glance--

Some Post-Landscapage Relaxation

Hey-- it ain't as easy as it looks!! I mean, it is "Australian for beer"!!!

Enough of those, and I can actually win a game or two... ;D

[Seriously! I mean, you see who's smiling and who's stressing here...]

Slainte, folks!


Felinae said...

Relaxation is good

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

That it is, Lady Felinae, that it is! Unfortunately, chess with a seven-year-old Evil Genius...?

Subjective on both relaxation and "good'!!! har!

[J/K... it WERE fun.]

thanks, felinae...

Felinae said...

LOL! He kicked your butt didn't he?

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I got him in four moves... today! ha!
Sad-- forty-three and bragging about mopping the floor with one thirty-six years my senior.
He's the most visciously animated seven-year-old I ever hope to face...

Salinte, Lady Fel!