13 January 2010

I'd Love To Go Into Great Detail...

I Could Ramble Incessantly.

But I Won't. No need, really.

Suffice it to say that all day long, as I move about choring here, doing there, seemingly accomplishing squat [retrospect oft proves otherwise, don't it? :D], that I had it right on my Facebook entry this ante-meridian: it's been a really, really great day.

Cooler out-of-doors than predicted, but still absolutely beautiful weatherwise. And lifewise?

Manna, oh MANNA!

The oh-so-wanna-be feral kittens out there just blazing for pettery. The birds voraciously gobbling seed from suet and feeder. The cardboard and paper waste going not to a landfill but to a burn barrel tonight, then into compost on the morrow.

The tending of seedling transplants and herb start-ups for summer harvest/consumption.

Connecting with a life friend after an hiatus of too damned long.

A good nap that involved not so much sleep as, well... GOOD. [Okay, fan-fu*king-tastic. Everyone should be so blessed, I would wish.]

And all day long, moving in and out of the abode, the scents. Oh, My Gods, the scents!! Chicken carcas boiling down for soup stock. Roast in the slow-cooker for evening consumption. More fried okra-- not so good tonight, as I tried to complicate the breading approach. [Lucky for me, mashed papas and roast gravy helped soften the batter-cover!! Ha!]

Hockey on tv after sunset. A family game of Monopoly where all fared well (and a seven-year-old Evil Genius did math that would impress Habib of the local corner store). Frothy brewsky, toosky...

Several good videos of cats on nip. Laughter abounding. Love and discipline and sheer life sharing space.

Well, here I said no detail. And really, folk, that aint any.


Some days, I look not only at the end, but all during, and simply needs bow down and proffer thanks.

Still doesn't APPROACH doing the day justice, but were I as good as ol' Will [Shakespeare, folk, Shakespeare], still would the task be too daunting.


I bow down.

Good night, folks.




Kyddryn said...

It WAS a good day.

And Sir?

I like your shirt.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Unknown said...

Cut, paste and give a listen to what you already know!


Happy for you...all of ya'll

Peace ~ Rene

Stephanie in AR said...

I'm glad, you sound happier than you have been in a long while.