14 September 2009

Sans Swan Monday

Friday Flashback: 9-11-01 Tribute

I've got a full day of work, then a full evening of school to learn how to do more work.

And, y'know what?

At least I do... I'm thankful.

Oh sure-- be nice when I've paid my dues and can retire and not. But for the time being, when I need it?

Thank Goddess I've got it.

There was a cleaner, older version on youtube, but this one made me cry right fast-like...

Slainte, Folks!



Kyddryn said...

I adore Charlie Daniels...and this is a fine song, Sir...good music, proud lyrics, well sung...

There are times when I wish more folk echoed the sentiment.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Felinae said...

9-11...The people we lost and the heroes from that day will forever be in my heart, never to be forgotten.

I Love Charlie Daniels.

I've seen him live more than once. He is fantastic and that man can play a mean fiddle, that's for sure.

I think those of that have jobs are thankful we've got them at this time. I'm happy you are coming to appreciate yours.

Have a great Monday!


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Thank you Lady Felinae...

I've pretty distinct memories of 9-11, as do we all no doubt.

Jobs... heh. Gotta make a living...

Ohana, Kitten.


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Times when I wish we had not given away so much in the aftermath-- and I don't mean just lives...

Those rebels and yanks and football fans... we're The People now. That's the message here.

Thanks, Lady K...