02 March 2010

A Small Preppers' Petitte Give-Away

Prepping For Me... And You

The view out my bedroom window this morning:
I'm sitting here watching the hypnotic fall of snow, letting my mind stream-of-conscious flow both over the things I've done this week towards prepping and how exactly I'm going to go about details of my birthday give-away.

Nothing major here; I won't be giving a year's supply of beans and rice, or his-and-hers gasmasks, or even directions to my bug-out locale. What I do have is a plethora of items that will make handy for use either personal or as barter stash.

The stuffs I've added to my preps this week also include a few items that will be give-away goodies:

I can vouch for the sharpness and efficiency of the fish hooks, as I had opportunity two days ago to drown a few worms...
I had so much fun reeling in these crappie-sardines that I stood by the pond doing so until my hands were too cold to function.

You folks have a great day, stay warm, and find a reason to smile. I'll see ya later, and will fill in details about entry and prizes when I work them out.

Slainte, folks!



Momlady said...

I think you'll have to wait until warmer weather for bigger fish.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I can wait for them to grow some, momlady. I gots nothin' but time...