25 March 2010

Because It's What I Wanted To Do!!!

So... I Spent The Day In The Garden
I double-dug another bed today..>
No, it don't have nothing to do with my twins fantasy... I'm talking about the 'creating soil' method developed-- or at least touted loud-- by Jon Jeavons.

The premise is grow all your veggies and fruits not in traditional rows-- thus wasting space with hilling-- but planting seedlings close together after giving ROOTS an extra head-start.

I have two comments:
A: It IS a VERY labor-intensive process. [Umn... No, thank you, Mr. President; I just paid my health care premium-- in BACK-BREAKING LABOR!!!] And next...

Hell... I forgot. But I think I was gonna say that I can see the roots growing easily to the depths in three months with this work that they would have otherwise taken a few years to attain of their own ground-breaking accord.

I love the peace being out in the garden brings. Even more so, I love walking in to the kitchen at the end of the day, hand full of dinner from seeds sewn by hand some sunny days prior... I love the suntan; the bees flying about hunting insects visiting the compost pile bringing the front water drainage down this way to water...

I LOVE LIFE, Folks!!!
Thanks, Uncle Hermit, for the holler-out on this, my day of birth.

And thanks to all the Forces That Be for making it a beyond-beautiful one, for giving me time to play in the sun...

Salinte, Folks!



Anonymous said...

I love these warm spring days, too! I've tried to be outside doing stuff as much as possible. That dinner looks delicious, btw.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Thank you, Lady; it was!!! I can't be inside during the sun-shiny warm days. Sun-worshipper, this ol' Bird! HA!

I like your new photo, woman... VERY ... chic...



Momlady said...

Sooooo, lol, when ya gonna double dig in my garden? And no, that isn't a double entendre.

Stephanie in AR said...

Ah then you must check out the Bountiful Gardens catalog - right up your double dug alley.