05 March 2010

Swan's Poetry...

I've Been Long Away... But, As Ever, Returns

Just short of ten years ago I was on a(n) Haiku kick. I titled the following series
'More On Haiku'
Yes, I was playing with words: 'More On'... Moron....

I lost a follower of My SONG last night. It isn't the first time, nor, likely, will it be the last. The title of the poetry run is not AT ALL meant to reflect on that person-- s/he is one of the finest Souls I've had the honor of meeting this Earth-go-round. But the underlying theme... something... my Psyche sees a thread, sews words and hurt and intent and mis-understanding all together.

Hope you enjoy, Folks.


social deviants


here's the blueprint plan
build everything to these specs
all your neighbors did


think this way they say
discourage all unique thought
they're "educated"


hear in hallowed halls
education echoing
for release from form


I must disturb you
running around with my own
thoughts and ideas


I'm a pretty gods-damned free spirit, my friends. It hurts when that costs me the love of friends, and sucks that my government hath reached the point of over-inflated self-import/empowerment whence these very words and thoughts could easily mark me as a 'domestic terrorist'. But... I've suffered these consequences all my self-awakened life. And see no change for the rest of it.

And stand proud, because I stand to be ME.

Slainte, folks.

Cygnus MacLlyr


Momlady said...

A poem of truth....which some cannot comprehend because they have been shaped to be like everyone else and have no individuality. I vote for individuality.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Thanks, Momlady. I kinda like the individuality aspect myself.
Not hard to figure out, I suppose...

Kyddryn said...

But who else would you be, Sir, if not yourself?

And what sort of person would ask you to be ought else?

You be who you are...that man, I love.

SHade and Sweetwater,