12 March 2010

I Ain't Always The Sharpest Marble In The Piepan, But...

I Knows Fishy When I Smells It!!!

Lookie here... it's an ordinary occurrence, our beloved gub'mint doing things like spending better than 43 MILLION DOLLARS to inform us that their census [the only kinda sensus I sense they possess...] will be mailed out soon. Yup-- millions wasted on a totally unnecessary precursor: sounds like Uncle Sammy's business as usual.

What's kinda got me boggled is the funny-- as in "somethin' smells funny in that there garbage pile" kinda way-- stuffs I'm garnering just from scrolling blog titles today and yesterday. Take, for instance, the one which asks the perfectly legitimate question "why does the Dept. of EDUCATION need sawed-off shotguns?" [Saw this yesterday, too, on another blog, but cannae remember which one currently...]

Or this one, clearly informing us that the USDA Plant and Animal inspectors will soon be working around the clock-- literally [not just their usual figuratively] in the dark. Else, why would they need NIGHT-VISION GOGGLES???

I'm sure I could search and find all kinds of other mayhemic spending from a government bleeding broke from every orifice they have, but I think I'd rather spend this rainy afternoon researching how to make my green beans glow in the dark, thus blinding any sneeky inspectors. Or maybe explaining to a home-schooled youngsta why guns are banned at public schools run by an armed over-seer.

Come to think of it, the green bean thingie has likely already been done-- funded, no doubt, by our beloved we-dun-run-outa-yer-dollars-so-we-needs-more-taxes puppetheads...

Slainte, folks!



Anonymous said...

You are right the census is just a waste of money.


Unknown said...

Even if the census has SOME merit, the mail-out mentioned here IS a total waste of money,etc.
Glow-in-the-dark green beans,huh? I wonder what kind of effect that would have on the digestive tract. You are right,though,when you said it had probably already been done...afore mentioned Uncle Sam needed (needs) some place to dump his toxic waste,yeah??

Ken said...

...number of people,and address(obviously,they have that...)that's all they need to know...tell them nothing else...power of enumeration only