11 March 2010


Then Again, This Were Built In A Day

"Och! What hae I got meself into?!"
Well, a lotta math, mucho parts inventory-ing, some serious diagrammatic decoding, and six hours of communication, construction, and camaraderie.Or, some hard-core engineering experience for a seven-years-old!!! Not to mention a strain on a 43 and thirty-something-years old backs...

But all in all a highly creative-structured investment of a rainy day.

Everyone took turns either reading out-- well, counting out, since there were no numerated lists!!-- or issuing parts requisitions, and assembling according to diagram.

The K'NEX monstrosity-- a combination erector set cum 360-degree leggo thingie, contains 739 pieces, many smaller than my pinkie-nail. I cannot recommend them enough. Honest.

Great education. Great day.

Slainte, folks!



Mayberry said...

I cut my teeth on Legos (my #1 favorite play thingies), Lincoln Logs, Erector sets..... Fine things for the future problem solver. Me and my friends even developed a "Lego language". "I need a red flat two. I need a black six"..... Everything referred to the size, color, and number of "titties" on the blocks. And directions? We didn't need no steenkeeng directions. We built our own buildings. Vehicles. Bridges. We had a whole damn city of our own design, made from our combined Lego sets....

Kyddryn said...

I played with Legoes as a child, even though I wasn't supposed to because I am a girl, and girls play with dolls, not Legos (according to grandmother). I loved constructing with them, still do.

The K'Nex are awesome...and like you, Sir, I can't recommend 'em enough, despite six hours cross-legged on a hard surface. Now...umm...can someone help me up from the floor? I can't feel my legs any more.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Livia Indica said...


Momlady said...

All I can say is OMG!

Anonymous said...

My son is a Lego freak, but I think he'd like Kinex, too. I'm just leery of starting in on something new... b/c he'll want tons of them, lol.

He did an awesome job on his set. Those look really fun and it's cool that they "do something" once put together.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hi There Mayberry! oddly, one of the primary funs of it all was developing the parts names! Some were obvious-- sprockets, ladders-- while some, um, not so.
And, even looking at the picturess as they posted, I canna help but rearrange, mentally some track-- add a loop here, more drop for speed there...

Thanks for dropping by, buddy!

Nor can I mine, Kydd; the only nerves lefy are in a ball in my lowder back!!!

Thanks, Livia! It was a blast, really!

momlady--- we're sending the next kit and a small bird your way...LOL!

And yes, #Men...Lady, the "rest of them" have already been envisioned as the great city they shall become.
Um, using the rum fifth bottles I'll need as some of the connect-posts!!!

Thanks, everyone, for the visits and comments!


Ken said...

...Erector sets here,me and the boy still play with alot of "MY" toys(that are now his,lol)...Legos,always a fav'...

"it doesn't work !"

"directions ?...what directions !?"