06 March 2010

Gonna Call It An Early Night

The Younger Bird Conjures...
What Else?? The WORM!! HA!!!
Spent the afternoon-- and an absolutely beautiful one it was, too, easily in the mid-50's with nary a cloud to block the sun-- moving grass-- 'cuz I gots a lot o' stuffs to plant... I'd call it killin' grass, but the sod clods I dug up to make some new garden space went to cover a heretofore bare mudpatch.

Anyhow, I'm kinda tired, so ain't gonna invest a lot o' energy here tonight. [LOL! Like that's something different, eh?!!] Here--take a gander at my future squash & melon patch.

Early on:

Then, some fossil fuel-burning clay breakage

and it were done:
The grass went:

Time for a shower, sandwitch, and sleep, folks.




Livia Indica said...

Wow. I guess that ground isn't very hard packed then?

Momlady said...

Hope the melons don't climb over into the driveway. That would be awkward. Looking forward to the results. Yum.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Livia-- It was, some; red clay. But the tiller worked some loose. A lot more progress today...

Thanks for the visit, Liv!

Momlady-- thought I'd train the vines to run out on the grass, but I like your idea to put the melons--water-loving things they are-- out back in that 'low' bed. Now, I'm thinking the front a good spot for peppers, bush (green)beans... whatever else lends itself [mayhap some (more!) of the gazillion tomato seedlings we've got sprouting...
I look forward to sharing the fruits-- and veggies! ha!-- of this labor of love. Thanks for all your help and support, Ma..

Slainte, Ladies!


Unknown said...

I am a bit farther away than Momlady but I wouldn't mind sharing the bounty (when the time comes) of all your hard work,too!!!