17 February 2010

Sorry 'Bout The Absence...

Been really busy the last few days. Lots of stuffs to do 'round the casa, getting ready for upcoming spring-- which, as always, will spring faster than we are ready for, no matter our readiness-proclamations! ha!

Primarily some gardening research and planning, which ties right in with my prepping. I saw the question posed a few days ago on someone's blog title: "WHAT DID YOU DO TO PREP THIS WEEK?" Well... prepared for a lotta vegetation and flora come late summer, I can answer honestly. Still got a lot o' work to do... too much to clarify here, and enough to warrant the vagueness herein-- both "to do" and "been doin' ".

Top it all off, my Lady-Flower drove in from Florida, Saturn's Day nacht, back from a ten-day traipse 'cross the Carribbean seas. The following day was Valentines, and the very next her birthday.

Okay, I'll be honest and admit I BITE, having not done much for either. But, somehow filled the time with ... well, 'acceptably pleasing' itenera...

Also, I'm currently in the brainstorming phase for a first on this blog; something fun AND beneficial for all, I ken: a GIVE-AWAY-- neat little preppers' additions [I believe] handy for rounding out emergency pack gaps and/or future bartering. I'll keep you posted-- when I get some concrete idea of what exactly I'm thinking.

So... LONG WAIT, eh?? HA!

Hope not, folks! In fact, I'll step out on a limb and set an 'Indian Birthday' deadline: I'll give YOU stuffs on the day I were spawned upon this now-suffering globe!

[DAMN; now I gotta actually think and PLAN some she-aat out! HAR!!!]

Slainte, friends! Thanks for the patience!



Ken said...

...FOCUS...yer drifting !...lol

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Drifting towards Spring, my Brother, drifting towards spring...