12 February 2010

A Good Day For...


Nah. Too much to do.

Well, always nice, food. Still, That only takes so long.

Um... "cuddling up"??Hmm. Ditto... 'Sides, I got the house to myself for another two days.

Meh!! Not according to Farmer's Almanac.

Not today:
Snow started light and soft about four hours ago; I was watching the birds eat and noticed a downy flake or three float down. I didn't expect many more. I was mistaken.

A few moments ago
and it's not done yet.

Okay by me; I figure there will come a year when I'll be sick of it all. This isn't gonna be the one. In Texas, I might have seen some flakes (SNOWflakes; plenty of the metaphoric ones, eh?) every five years. I'm glad to be somewhere now that the reality of four seasons sparkles as beautiful.

Meantime, I got some foreign "-ing" words/practices to exersize: mopping, dish-washing, sweeping-- you know, kleening en generaux.
Guess I better grab a broom...

Man, I'm glad I doubled up on the beer run yesterday! HA!

Slainte, folks!


Ken said...

...nice pix...keep the snow,it's cool for about twenty minutes,at Christmastime...lol

Livia Indica said...

Only four critters on the bed with you? Come on, if you're gonna have critters get serious about it! Woke up today and I couldn't move! Five small dogs, a big ass basset hound and 5 full grown cats and three kittens...all on a queen! I'm rarely cold in the wintertime!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Ken-- I tend to agree... or would, or should...

Nice when I see it once in a great moon! The cold here will chap my ass as it becones year-in-year-out; so far, so new, so... GOOD! HA!

Thanks for the visit, my man!