06 February 2010

I've Got A Problem

Several, in fact...

Gonna be tought to pinpoint. But...

I'll just express the night. The last several days, actually. So, here I go.

Remember when you were youth? Did anyone load your plate with shit you didn't like, and refuse you dismissal from some formal setting until the crapoleum was gone?

I call bullshit. I pinpoint overweight youth of America--hell, overweight Americana in general.

Food: The Golden Rules

Eat When You're Hungry
Eat What You Want
Eat Consciously
When You're Full, STOP.

MORAL: If you dinna load your own plate, why the fuck should you be asked to 'clean' it???

In school, did some old biddy-- male or female-- tell you how to hold your writing imlpement? Did they say "do this first, then that second, then..."

Calling All Bullshit!!! ...

I Have No Golden Rule Here--- but... What Works For YOU???

As an adult do you see a solution to some moronics @ work that your supervisor never will, that s/he will never comprends? And, you've expressed as much to them, and they have some "go with the flow/ we have a system" tripe?

Wonder why they're the manager?

Well... So do I. So have I. So did I.

Slap caugh syrup down your kids' gullet at every throat-hack? Quit. It could just be an immune system building strength.

The writing implement?

I heard that tripe tonight. I made some observations. Then told L'il Dude "I hold mine the same way {as you do} [the 'wrong way', according to those 'in the know'] . And, y'know what? I write like a Champ!!!" [Then, I commenced beating my chest like a gorilla---RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE MORON FEEDING HIM THIS LINE O' SHIT!!].

My handwriting SUCKED as a youth. I'm male-- we aren't generally known for penmanship.

Bird was participating in some formal writing exercise wherein his handwriting was not the challenge-- his comprehension of words was.
I ask...how the fuck does correcting his holding of a pencil aid in his sentence structure comprehension?!?

Yup... IT DON'T.

["Doesn't." I illiterate on poipose...]

L'il Bird told me at one point tonight, "I like my mom's rules better..."

There's a very loose structure here at Casa De Crazy, from sleeping times, to eating, to playing...

En generaux, we all do as we feel.

UNSCHOOLING, it has been refered to [as].

I could be ranting, I'm certainly raving. Yet...

I know I have good penmanship. I developed it by writing. ON MY OWN.
Granted I know-- because I were drilled in-- sentence structure. But-- how to hold a pencil?

Shut the fuck up!!!

I out-scored all others at the task of sentence diagramming. Because I was corrected DURING SPEECH-- when I spake. I learned by listening and conversing.

And, why should I eat what YOU like?? We're different persons!!!

I've not yet set my step-father foot down with this person whose charge Bird is in whilst Momma is away for some week or so. But... it ain't far, that stomp.

I only stood for so much-- correction: only took in so much-- during my youth, and I'll only let this one take in so much. I'm letting it go-- tonight-- because the kid is learning that different 'bosses' have different rules, and we all have to learn to navigate different flowing waters.

But... forced eating? Nae. Hullo, LardA[ss A]merica. [Then someday he'll be mandated to pay for some forced health care in itiative?? PFFT!!!]

Or, be made to "Write this way!!!", then pleaded to, to accept text-verbiage as acceptable on college entrance exams?

Well, lettuce mention... Colleges ARE formal learning institutes...

"Here, hold the fork like so..."

And grow and grow,and become a Fukk U. graduate?!?

Two of the three previous words, Folks...



Noki said...

Right on, Cuz! I remember when I was a child, people thought my handwriting was bad because I was lazy and/or stupid. My mother called me both. No one believed me when I tried to tell them that it hurt me - physically - to write. Now, though, I can type like the wind. And my handwriting is much better, now. Although it still hurts to write.

And food... I still have trouble keeping the weight off. And my biggest problem is meat. I much preferred vegetables, preferably cooked by someone other than my mother (she of the boil-it-'til-it-turns-to-mush school), but I always had to eat an adult-sized steak, or pork chop, or whatever was there, and it took forever because I had trouble chewing it enough to swallow, and it didn't taste good anyway, and now they're telling me I ate too much red meat?!?!?

But now I make my own decisions, and I try to remember the lessons of my childhood when dealing with my daughter.


Ken said...

...to this day i still can't write cursive(well)...99% is still all uppercase,punctuation iffy,at best...

...belly of a billygoat,i can eat anything and everything,weight never changes(yet)...as a teen heard "wait till yer in yer twenties,you'll be big as a house" then it was "wait till yer thirties" and "wait till yer fourties"now its "wait till yer fifties"...one of these days i'll get 'there'...lol

Unknown said...

You were not made to eat things you didn't like because I didn't (and don't) eat things I dislike. I agree with the "stop when full" also as you probably remember from childhood. I was critiicized aplenty, though. That is all right...we made it fine, didn't we?
You are right to keep quiet just discuss with the Mama when she comes home.
Love you.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I'm with ya there, Ken-- lucky if I can bust a buck sixty...

Too many years journaling by hand, me. Handwriting looks spiffy.

Hey bud, thanks for the comment!

Hey mom-- if there's anything I see and sorely disagree with, I won't keep quiet. You know me...
But, nothing so disagreeable , so...

Ashley... don't know what to tell ya; I can't imagine forcing a kid to eat. Granted, some people do not like some foods, and made to try, or eat what you take, yes. Forced beyond reason? un-unh..