18 February 2010

Headline Caption Contest:

{Your Words Here!!!}

Leave your best headliner/ caption in my comments section. I'll invite welcome accept input as to the most, um... shall we call it Intelligentianus? comment [That's "Smartass" for the laltilliterate wordsmiths amongst ye], but, penultimately-- Swan-Pun intended-- I DECIDE...

I choose you, I'll send ya something. Not much; just some seeds or something.

Kinda a warm-up to March, y' Grok?!?

Slainte, Folks. Look forward to hearing from you...

And, THANKS...



Unknown said...

Saw this clip on AFV (of course they covered some).
"Gotcha" and NO this isn't Cygnus, just a regular(?) dull swan. Or..??

Unknown said...

P.S. Swan's Song,for sure. This
big bird might be singing
what a wonderful day in the
park even though this bride
is playing hard to get.