29 October 2010

Cygnus' Bodhran Practice

My Mind Diskombobulated...

Got a phonecall from a friend this mornin'; seems they might wanna good mule-Swan for a trip next week after all.

Works for me-- work for me works for me... AHEM.

But... mental adjustment is required. I mean, here I am, home for what seems like all of 12 hours since last weekend's tentless fuferaw, looking forward to wasp stings and mosquito bites up @ Ma's for a day or three, and to generally unwinding and Flower-pickin and such...

Now I gotta go I'm being forced FORCRD I TELL YOU to endure five mas days and nights of sleeping in the wilds when the sun comes up and drumming the nights away around the bonfires 'till it does.

Oh, the agony.

Better step out in the Sunshine and give this a good think-over...

Well, I don' know 'bout you, but I feel better already!

~~I'm not know for doin' a lot...
A go-getter, maybe I'm...~~

Slainte, folks!



Momlady said...

Working works. This place isn't going anywhere and there's the whole winter to get things done.

Unknown said...

Momlady has a point although by winter's end I wonder how much I will have accomplished!
The drumming sounds good. Keep it up.