24 August 2009

A Hand-written Blog




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Unknown said...

Is that a self portrait? Har!
Your penmanship is very elegant...
waiting for the movie version! :)

Peace - Rene

Kyddryn said...

Very nice penmanship, Sir. You won't catch me doing that - I have the handwriting of a serial killer, all scrabbled, squinched, pinched and crawling across the page in a disorderly fashion.

Like Mizz Rene, I am waiting for the big-screen debut...

Shade and Sweetwater,

Felinae said...


You get an A for your excellent penmanship and an A+ for your artistic capabilities.

I like the little doodle bug, it's cute :D and the way you make your S at the end of your signature, resemble a swan... very crafty.

Have a great one!


Stephanie in AR said...

Beautiful handwriting.

Now what are the titles that are just peeking out? (you olde tease)

DianeLynn said...

Was that a notepad??? What a novel idea...gonna have to remember that one. *smile*