05 July 2010

Daft Hermit Does Trash...

Happy Fourth, everyone!

I hope it has been as wonderful day for you all as it has been here. We went to a friend's house for a grand pool party-- fun for kids and adults all.

I was just tying up some contacts on the net [because, y'know, some of my ken are into that sorta thing...] when youtube led me to this marvelous little production. Andy is one of the coolest, gentlest chaps you'd ever wanna meet online (and in person I'm sure!), and has a gift with the camera that never ceases to astound my artistic sycophant. Enjoy, folks, and I'll see yall in a few days!!!

Slainte, Andy&Mel!!!



DianeLynn said...

Amen, Amen Amen. Great message not only for your viewers but for the whole world.
Love the song...gotta get that one.

Unknown said...

And "amen" to Diane-Sage's comment. I wouldn't mind having that song (and others) myself!
Love ya.