23 January 2010

Two- Faced:

Like Janus the god...

A few knights ago, Mademoiselle Asphodel posted a Slipknot video on her blog. [Man! There's nothing sexier than a super-hot headbanging chick!!!] I cleared some floor space, set my feet wide and solidly, turned up the volume, and prepared for a day-after with minimal neck movement (because, let's face it, @ near forty-three, just a few minutes of proper pit protocol pains plentiful...).

Now, I had to do several double-checks. First and foremost-- I thought the featured band was Slipknot? You know-- masks, moshpits on- and off-stage, maniacal metal replete w/ unbeknownst lyrics. You know-- SLIPKNOT:

Instead, this is what I heard:

I heard it again next day on Sirius Octane. It's fast becoming one of my favorites, right in line with Pearl Jam's Just Breathe....

This is talent, folks-- the range of musical ability covered by this band. I love metal. I mean, I'd bear Kurt Hammet's babies could I, dig what I'm talking about?
But... I'd do Amy Lee, too. REPETITIVELY. And make her sing in between. Maybe even a hum-job, y'know?

I'm just saying, folks... always nice to be surprised-- pleasantly-- by in-depth, broad-range artistic talent.

G'nite, Folks. I'm off to snuggle up to my Flower and watch The Bourne Identity. [Like I said, variety...lol!]



Felinae said...

Slipknot is not necessarily one of my go to bands, but I do like a few of the tracks they've done. Snuff being one of them, but my favorite is Dead Memories,
it's pretty kick ass without the screaming/growling lyrics.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Thanks, Lady Felina! Slipknot is one of the go-to's for when the kick-ass, with or without screaming/growling lyrics, mood takes me. Much appreciated, the link, Lady Felina!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi...thanks for stopping by. just signed on to follow you!