09 January 2010

Aliens Inhabiting Swan's Carcas

Gotta Be. You'll See...

And the proof? He's plopped in front of that electronica Earth-bound call 'tee-veee'.
For the second nacht in a row.

Gotta be aliens, doncha think?!? I mean here is a man [? Pen??] whom for better than two decades of life hath not partaken in the visual mind-numbery of the idiot box [of course we've already covered the fact that FELICITY and The Gilmore Girls don't really count...] aka electronic babysitter aka 900 channels of simultaneous commercial advertisement device, and now not only is our poor Swanboi [my regards, Mademoiselle...] glomeroned to the damned thing for multi-sport, multi-night, multi-brain cell (had he possession thereof off the bat; debatable, that. The whole bird-brain thingie..) deadening, but also-- ALSO, I tell ya-- playing Wii video games on the Evil satelite-radio-frequency-recieving device!!!

SEND HELP!!! Call Jim Jones! Beg, and beg HARD, I plead! for this poor ol' silly Swan's quick recoup!! Else you know what will be next; the poor creatur will be tornadically drawn down down DOWN to the realms of...


Oh, no! Ah, Gads, NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!


Slainte, Folks. And GO Cowboys, and Avalanche!!! HarAarAaar!!!!

Real live Aliens.. erm, we mean 'Cygnus'

Yeah. Really. We do.


Unknown said...

Just pacify the aliens for now..sunlight will soon dominate and they will flee...didja happen to catch the Gilmore Girls marathon last week?

Peace ~ Rene

Kyddryn said...

You have my solemn vow, Sir, that should you descend into the depths of W.O.W, I will put you out of our misery forthwith.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Alas, M'Lady Rene, I dinna chance...

I have, however, let the Universe/gods and Goddesses know that I WILL one day own the entire series on dvd.

Yes, I, Cygnus MacLlyr, will one day PAY for perfectly free tee-vee stuffs.

But, hey, two words:

Lorne Graham.

'Nuff said.

Thanks for your patronage, Lady!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Miss Sweetwater, the wire snips are in the tool box in Sally the S-10...

Thanks for lookin' out, Flower.


Momlady said...

Well, at least if you're playing games on the Wii with the evil genius you are getting some exercise, n'est pas?

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Yes, momlady. And we know how sorely lacking that aspect of my life is...


Noki said...

I fail to see the connection between television viewing and World of Warcraft.