18 January 2010

I Think I Got 'Em Both Covered

Because, I Keep Getting Back Up...

[My apologies for the poor video resolution; this were the bestest asswipes ass-wiping out to the lyrics I could muster.]

Suddenly, I have no doubt...

Slainte, folks.



Felinae said...

Well, alrighty then.

The video wasn't that bad, I've seen worse.


Momlady said...

For the most part.....owwwwwww. I felt sorry for the toddler.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Looked terrible here, Lady Felinae, but really was the bestest vid.
And I absolutely LOVE the photo!!

Momlady-- that cat can jump!

Thanks for the comments, Ladies!

[And, I DO so love that pic, CatLady...)

Felinae said...

Thanks, Cygnus
I figured it was time for the real me to make a temporary appearance. It'll be up 'til I get bored with it.