09 November 2009


Not So Much 100% There, Ugly Duckling...

Because had all cylinders been firing correctly, I would have both followed the gut instinct AND heeded the voice inside my eardrums saying "ASK HOW MUCH THE CONTRAPTION IS..." whilst proffering my hard-earned green frogskins for mechanical fixes for an ailing vehicle yestere'en.

No, I spent the needed five bones (for the bonus point for cash back thingie), and then some, getting spark plugs.

Chalk one up to preps. The fuel filter, too.

What I did need, I got today.

I rolled two numbers and set out on foot to the auto parts store, picking up the 4.99 piece I opted not to inquire of yesterday, and some other ~$15 worth of S-10 zoom-zooms and wham-whams.

The finnif was all that were required. Sally the S-10 is safely ensconced in the street front of the abode now.

Nice to have fifteen dollars American fix a problem and right for a change.
Woulda been less stressful to have done it yesterday when The Voices said...

Double-win: I learned something AND stocked up on some future preventative-maintenance items for the transportation/oft-also-Swan-habitat.





Unknown said...

gotta keep that poetry in motion, man...

Peace ~ Rene

Kyddryn said...

I'm glad you could fix her, Sir...I'm sure she hated letting you down.

Mizz Rene, I like that...poetry in motion...

Shade and Sweetwater,

Unknown said...

So glad something went right and you were able to fix her for under the standard "arm and leg".