18 November 2009

In Both Personal Experience

And Casual Conversation

With others [no not with Self this round-- he were busy, thank you...], I note an increase in conscience remembrance of dreams. Particularly bizarre ones.


Peanut gallery? T'on vous? I mean, it can't be all attributed to the obvious turning-of-the-seasons-thus-we-turn-psychologically-inside thingie.

Can it.

Got Succubus?




Unknown said...

Funny you should mention such, as a friend and I were discussing this particular subject.

Kyddryn said...

Sorry, Sir, I've got nothin'...that I can share on a public blog, that is.

I DO think the changing of the light alters the way we think and dream...for what it's worth...

Shade and Sweetwater,

Felinae said...

Hey Cyg~

A few of us were talking about dreams last week.

It seems that the dreams are being remembered in very great detail.

For a number of people, the dreams are not pleasant. They have taken on ominous undertones.


Ken said...

...hey...i thought 'you' were the "go to" guy for the dream stuff ?!?!

...seriously tho,pay attention to 'em,they're the closest thing to being psychic(?)(evolution is painfully slow folks)the mind is a POWERFUL tool...

Edain said...

I have always had odd dreams, very vivid and memorable, however, recently many of my friends have said just the same. Odd, huh?

Mine have been worse over the past week but then I have a flu bug (dunno if tis THE flu bug)...so that may be the cause.

Like Ken sez, pay attention to them. I always write mine down and several become plots, scenes or even whole story arcs in my books! :)