08 November 2009

How Long?

Before I learn to not hit the enter key after I type blog title first, thus publishing with no body?

Hmm... No body, by NoBody...

The title shoulda been "Marley Belongs Here!" Because I was talking to two friends tonight at separate times, and with both this song came up in conversation. The second conversation I was simultaneously on the computer and the phone, so youtubed... I was already ready already... um, I was about to type some smarm for the Pagan Site, so when spur-of-the-moment-youtubing lent video, and I mindlessly copy-pasted and published...

Et Voila! 180.

Imagine my perplexion when I went to view blog and it shot me to the 'other' one...

So, i figured I'd just save face and say here what I was gonna sat there since I did reciprocate there. {Or, does that make me here doing inverse? Is dat de event horizon right there?}

So, without further add eew...


My Gut Sense Has Been...

Near dead-on all nacht.

This is a good thing. I was to meet a friend; he was driving, I peds.
On the phone (with a third party), I sensed... my gut.. Start walking.

Twenty minutes, he'll be there.

A mile later, within twenty seconds of each other, we were.


Later, and no longer on the phone (yes, seems I perpetually am, don't it? Well, 'till I move to Georgia, So Mote It [needs] Be.), I get a call from a neighbor:
" Can you come over-- I'm bleeding..."

later, I was out the door. What would you have done? What actions would you have invested the five seconds with?

In retrospect I know it was only five. I proved some other realm of Quantam Physics [besides the afore-mentioned Event Horizon, for those of you smarmy enough to glomeron...] by filling the void vith twenty-five seconds' worth of activity.


And what, you ax if you are still reading, do all this point to to make me care to continue on?

Well... Funny you should mention Chronos and Quarks. Take this whole "Daylight Savings Time" thingie.

Do some quick common-sense etymology and feel your head spin faster than the little blonde girl in Exorsist.

"Saving" daylight?

Um... from WHAT, exactly? [Let's not say eternal damnation, shall we? Remember, this is supposed to be PagansWan, not sWanSong...]

And, uh, daylight-- as well as nightdark-- IS time, peeple. Comprehends? Why risk redundancy?

It gets dark when the sun goes down, no matter where the hands on the circular minute-tracking device hung on the kitchen wall-- or the on in my room set to "Georgia Time"-- sprawl.

I'm hungry when I need to eat.

I need to pick the melons when they are ripe.

I need to leave now, because Aquatic Mary is driving my way...[Swimming, then??]

Time. Clocks. Jewelry like watches, and things like humans who can't sew their own buttons on their own shirts.

How, Volk, do you just not KNOW???




Momlady said...

"They" need to put the time in the middle and leave it alone. Babies and old people do NOT like time changes.

Unknown said...

For me..I take a cue from the Marley's and live on irie time...minus the herb,natch :)

and it never fails to bring me to where i should be going...

Peace ~ Rene

Kyddryn said...

I believe people should rest when weary, rise when rested, sup when hungry, and love whenever they can. Time is a human construct, meant for doling out life in measured doses. I want my life whole, not in pieces. I like to think that joyful things stretch beyond seconds and minutes, to the point of timlessness, and that sorrow is but a matter of moments to be endured before it passes.

When I can, I live in a place where all times are NOW.

Daylight savings is annoying...I vote we split the difference and quite mucking with the clocks.

I hope the neighbor's OK.

Shade and Sweetwater,
K(who thinks it's time to drum...so she will)

Cygnus MacLlyr said...


I'd bet Sol gets a kick out of the process as well...

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I'm with, Lady Rene... but, um, I'll not opt out on herbage. Cest moi...


Slainte, Lady...

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Nicely put, Kydd.

Unfortunate for me I'm in the trap of needing to pay heed to Swatch to trade time for green paper for petrol to go trade more time for petrol for paper for time for...

Green is nice, but... the papers should be white-- the filler green. Someone got confused somewhere...

Felinae said...

Umm...alrighty then.

Well, we do what we gotta do when we gotta do it.

Time is just a number that spins around on the face of a clock. Unfortunately our day to day seems to revolve around it as well.

The time change doesn't bother me. Never has probably never will, it's just another thing that needs to be done.

Have a good one!

Stephanie in AR said...

We love the return to regular time - wake up & its a good time and tired at bedtime. Spend the summer months off & draggy.

So...has Missouri been traded for Georgia?

Glad you're back at the key board - though as an old married woman I avert mine eyes at the naughty bits ;)