19 December 2008

First Up: Food

Siting here listening to the rain patter down. Hard enough so that I open a bedroom window to experience it, sans protective medium in between my being and the rain's...

Been trying to draft a blog for future use; deleted two extraneously verbose 'posts'; here's what I want to say:

Listening to the water percolate off the roofs, overflowing the gutters meant to efficiently direct it elsewhere. Water that could so easily be harvested...

The garden has finally given way to Mother Winter- the okra that held so strong, for so long, now withering due to last week's snow and the week's three days of dismal, graying skies and daytime chill.

I begin in earnest to contemplate my move to the Ozarks, though this moment will be no closer coming than, at minimum, 18 months.

I accept.

And for my birthday-- only a few days past the upcoming Spring Equinox, I desire one piece of equipment which shall see me through future summer and winter alike:

A steam pressure cooker/canner.

The vegetables I can grow.

Clothes -- I have.

Shelter -- won't leave "home" without it ;)

The Pressure cooker, though...

Now THERE'S how to make a LIVING...

Gods Bless, folks.


1 comment:

HermitJim said...

Glad to see your thinking practical. Smart move...