01 July 2010

A Musical Journey


Really, folks, you have to see this group live to truly experience the Journey.

And, it IS. They are.

Go to their site; find the tune SHINE.

Slainte, folks!



Dawn Parsons Smith said...

LoVe this group! Thanks for sharing! I just went through lots of your old posts to catch up! Wow! You have been busy! I love the garden! You have completely inspired me to get off my tushy and get to planting!

Congrats to you as well!

I've missed you...thanks for coming by!!!!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Thank you, m'lady Dawn!

It is absolutely wonderful to have your inspiring presence back lighting up the url's! Best of luck in the "city"!!!

Thank you, Lady Dawn...

Unknown said...

What a beautiful voice she has. Is this Kyd's group? I think I recognize the name of the group, though , probably from you.
How is everybody? No morning sickness, etc?

DianeLynn said...

Enjoyed it very much I did. I can imagine it would be something to see in person!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

No, mom... Incus is a Boston-based band. I ;love their show-- and that's what they are-- a live musical journey, from Willie Wonka to polka to Native American chant...

Thanks, Diane-Sage... this video is one of their slower energetic pieces; they really inspire a trippy dance-mood when it's a stage and you...

Thanks for the visit!!!